Trish Sikand

Trish Sikand, Founder


A successful career & life coach and professional writer, Trish’s background consists of almost 20 years’ experience in sales, marketing and business culture with both small/medium enterprise, and large corporations.

Beginning a career on the manufacturing side of retail, Trish progressively worked her way up, building trusting relationships in the process, while developing a strong business acumen and a passion for success. Having a keen interest in organizational behaviour that grew over the years, she became intrigued by how company culture impacted employee morale and performance, and ultimately growth of the business. She made it her mission to help make a positive impact by empowering individuals – resulting in more cohesive and productive organizations.

Working in various types of organizational cultures gave Trish a “global” perspective on employee happiness as it relates to business growth. She fell naturally into counseling and mentoring colleagues, friends and even family members looking for insight and a deeper fulfillment in work and life and the balance of both. The old saying, “Do what you love; love what you do” started to resonate more deeply, and manifested into INVIBE™.

Trish’s approach with INVIBE, is to begin at the soul level. Connecting with ourselves at this level, looking inward and acknowledging where we are at is how we will achieve true fulfillment in what we do. It requires a deep sense of honesty to oneself, and ultimately, vulnerability. From there, the space is opened for “doing the work” towards positive change and growth.

Working with individuals and groups – public speaking, corporate seminars, team building, change management – her approach is an alternative to traditional methods which tend only touch the surface level. If our “self work” only involves the surface – the part that’s on display for everyone else – we will always be chasing the happiness and fulfillment we desire, instead of being enveloped in it, whether that’s as an individual or in a group dynamic.

Are you feeling stuck in your job, or in your life and want to change that but not sure how to get started? Is your team struggling with change or need a morale boost?

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