Honouring the Power Within

Be the change

Do you ever sit back and wonder, on a larger scale, why we are all here?  It’s much broader than the countries where we live, or the stuff that we buy, or our daily routines.  We are here on this Earth as physical manifestations of life force energy. We are all spiritual beings living a physical “human” experience. We are here to physically, mentally and emotionally carry out that which our soul desires.  Our souls genuinely and unconditionally love all beings and all things… and the desire for connectivity to all beings and all things is rooted deep within.

Where it gets a lot more complicated is relative to the conditions that start to define and shape our perception of all beings and all things.  There are labels, classes, views and opinions, also known as races, religions, cultures, income brackets, etc… all weeds, sometimes very tall and thick weeds, that make it more difficult to make a connection with one another.  I call them weeds because they take over the natural flow of human connectivity much like weeds takeover the progress of a garden.

Not only do we have all of that “noise” filling up our minds, but as our lives have become increasingly busy, many of us have learned to operate on auto-pilot; just going through the motions from one day to the next or even one task to the next. When operating on auto-pilot, it is easy to become consumed with what those around us are talking about and as we all want to connect on some level, the easiest way to do so is to join that noise.

In our workplace we hear others gossiping or perhaps complaining and we join in to feel that sense of connection.  Sometimes that feeling or desire to be connected to others is mistaken for the desire to be accepted.  But it isn’t always a conscious decision.  When the environment is filled with such negative energy of constant dis-satisfaction and complaining, it is only natural we slowly get “sucked-in” to that vortex of negative energy.  It not only happens in our work place, but also in our personal lives.

We listen to what we hear on the news and social media or discussion among our friends at social gatherings.  Our minds are filled with so much information, and much of it has been sensationalized and subjectively skewed before it even reaches our mind.  We try to rationalize it all by placing blame without realizing, that in doing so, we are ignoring the cyclical propulsion of our words and actions.  Do we no longer have time to think for ourselves, or are we so eager to connect that we just believe everything we hear and start to spread more of the same? It’s the bandwagon many seem to be jumping on but the reasons for doing so are based on fallacies. It’s such a vicious cycle.

The news of late has instilled a sense of fear in many, but what many don’t realize is that fear is the real enemy. Fear is what will further distort the truth in our minds so that we begin to believe it’s the truth.  Fear is what makes us think and act in irrational ways.  It is also what will perpetuate more and more of the same. We give into our fear and then try to rationalize it; placing blame on someone else because we are so caught up in wanting to be right.  Letting fear win is what will lead us down a path none of us want to encounter.

We are all here, each with our own unique purpose; our own unique journey.  No two paths are alike, yet we all have the same desire: to connect with other souls.  Our job as human beings is to not let the weeds get so out of control we can no longer do that.

Reversing the damage that has already been done is not going to happen overnight.  But we all have the power to make a positive impact on the world we live in right now.  Take that control back; not by arming yourself with more fear-instilling “weapons” and hate; but rather by acknowledging the power already inside of you. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” was something Mahatma Ghandi was famous for saying but he also lived by those words.  In order to change the world (and it’s current trajectory) we must first start by changing ourselves, honouring our soul and the power within.