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INVIBE is focused on a broader reach of it’s mission to help more people discover their own work / life stratejoy  through public speaking engagements.



At INVIBE, we are committed to empowering individuals by helping people connect with their soul, uncover their passion and allowing that to be the foundation for everything they do!  Our time in this life is so short.  Why not be happy starting right now?  Whether it’s career, family, relationships, spirituality, or heath & fitness, anything is achievable!

Trish Sikand, the Founder of INVIBE sets out to inspire and motivate others through public speaking engagements, from small to large groups, to help as many people possible get out of their own way, find their passion and rise to their greatest potential. Contact Trish for your next public speaking event or workshop!



Happiness on the job ultimately affects employee performance and growth of a company. With growing pressures to perform and produce profitable growth, many times a gap exists between how employees’ happiness is perceived by management , and how employees really feel.  In addition, management and employees may not see eye to eye on what motivates as far as performance, which further amplifies that gap.

Perhaps your team at work is in serious need of a morale boost. Or maybe you are experiencing growing pains, with resistance to change.  INVIBE works with corporate and private business groups to facilitate and connect the dots between employees and management.  INVIBE takes a unique approach to managing the day to day stress that can sometimes surface in an office environment.

We work on employee engagement by introducing empowering practices that will develop and embrace each employee’s own “personal brand” and contribution to the team.

INVIBE Workshops are fun, engaging and customized to each individual or group but may include components such as case studies/challenges, role play, affirmations, and positive/stress relieving activities like vision boards, meditation and yoga.

Our goal is to help make a positive impact by empowering individuals, resulting in more cohesive and productive organizations, igniting a faster, more efficient growth trajectory.

Contact INVIBE or Trish Sikand directly today to book public speaking engagements, group talks, workshops, seminars and events.