Success is infinite.



We’ve all been there before. We experience a colleague announce they are leaving for a “better opportunity”.  A close friend quit her job to write a book, her life long dream. Watching people make changes, and simply close the door on what they have been doing for so long, to bring something more meaningful into their life, sometimes throw us a curve ball in our routine filled lives.  Just like that, they are moving on. We are so entrenched in moving along with everyone else, going through the motions, that when one person breaks off from that flow, sometimes our first instinct is a sense of rejection, fear, or self-doubt.  But why?  Shouldn’t we be genuinely happy for them? Why does it sometimes produce negative emotion within us?  I know a lot of people would never admit this to anyone or even themselves, yet it is something that exists (yes, men too).


When we see someone else enjoying success or making a positive change towards growth, it immediately resonates as judgement of ourselves and where we are at in our life.  There we go again, comparing ourselves to others…And instead of being happy and supportive of that friend or colleague, we are afraid and almost angry at ourselves for not having that same courage to go after our dreams.  We start to think our own success is in jeopardy.  That seems ridiculous, I know…the truth of the matter is, if we truly want to achieve success in our lives, it only benefits us to be genuinely happy and supportive of those experiencing success right now.


Whether we believe in it or not, the law of attraction exists.  Like attracts like.  Our feelings, our thoughts, our actions, and our beliefs attract more of the same into our existence.  We can’t get to a place of experiencing success for ourselves if our minds are filled with negative thoughts and self-doubt – we just can’t! But lets talk about that, why does the self-doubt and insecurity surface when we see someone else experiencing success?


Is there only so much success in this world and we will one day run out? Does one person’s success lessen our own chances of success? fact it’s the exact opposite!  Success is infinite.  There is no need for rationing, or ensuring every one gets their fair share.  Success is in continuous creation, just like our lives.  Success never ends…it is not final for us on an individual level until our time as a physical being ends.  The only thing standing in between us and success is ourselves, perhaps our fears, and our comfort zone.


Let’s talk about what happens if we look at this from a different perspective by changing the way we view another’s success. What if we were genuinely happy that our friend had the courage to quit her job and go after her dream, or that our colleague accepted a  position that allowed him growth at another company?  Imagine …instead of looking inward and self-judging, what if we looked outward and looked at their success as inspiration.  What if we supported them in any way that we could: promoting our friend’s new book on social media or organizing a party to celebrate our colleague’s new job.  There are endless ways to genuinely support someone else’s success.


Look at it this way…the law of attraction exists whether we are thinking and feeling positive thoughts or negative ones.  Why not have it working in our favour?  If we react negatively to the success of others, we are shutting ourselves off from potential opportunity for our own success. An open mind and an open heart will allow our own opportunities to multiply. Helping others achieve success will help ourselves achieve it as well, and putting ourselves out there with a positive energy and light most definitely will.


We all have our own path, our own unique journey.  Whatever brought us each as individuals to this day, whether you are conscious of it or not, we have created for ourselves.  Only we have the power to create and continue on our own path.  Someone else’s success does not detract from our own potential for success.  Dimming someone else’s light will not make our own shine brighter.


There is an inspirational quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer that resonates deeply, here, regarding this topic, but also with life in general: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.  Everyone will experience success, and it should be inspiring to all whether its yours or mine. We all go through struggles; we fail and we start again; we step beyond our fears in order to achieve success.  Let success in general, no matter who it belongs to, be our inspiration.