The Comfort Zone: The Obstacle We Ignore


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The Comfort Zone: The Obstacle We Ignore
by Trish Sikand, INVIBE Founder

The comfort zone…the place where you feel safe; where everything is familiar; where nothing can go wrong that you can’t handle; where you can safely function on auto-pilot; where you don’t have to be fully present; where you can do just enough to get by… This is what life is all about, right?

We get used to routines and what’s familiar, and we start to believe that this is where we feel our best, where we feel safe, where we develop a sense of guarantee around our own little world. We trick ourselves into thinking that tomorrow will be there just like today. We have our job to go to, our co-workers to chat with, meetings to attend, emails to answer, family schedules to manage, and the list goes on. We become so consumed with routine that it dims our sparkle, our inner light.

What happens when something comes in to shake things up?

Often we wait until we are forced outside of our comfort zone, rather than take that leap on our own free will. But why? Most people, when asked their most defining moments in life, will give an example of when they were forced outside of their comfort zone. This is where growth occurs. I know for myself, this is true. My biggest strides in growth have happened after I stepped out side of my comfort zone, voluntarily or not.

I would not be where I am today had I not been let go from a job almost 3 years ago. At the time, I was devastated, embarrassed and humiliated. I would have never dreamed I would be let go from a job. I was a star performer and successful on the surface, yet miserable underneath. So in some ways, I asked for it. I asked for it everyday in the dread of going into the office, no longer willing to sell my soul in order to play the game, or participate in office politics, but I was also stuck. Yet, I told myself that it was comfortable. My flexible schedule, some fun co-workers and great perks in the role I held masked the reality of the opposite.

Looking back now, getting let go was one of the best moments of my life. The Universe heard me, heard my desire, and answered. Maybe things didn’t play out how I had envisioned, but I believe everything happens for a reason. It laid the ground work for the next three years to unfold. It forced me on a path to do what I love instead of what I thought was expected of me, or I expected of myself. It forced me to face my truth and not just settle for the lack of inspiration I faced daily.

So if stepping out of our comfort zones is actually good for us and allows growth, why do we get so wrapped up in keeping everything the same? Why do we resist change? Why do we trust in a false sense of security? In reality, it holds us back from our truest potential and letting our light shine.

Sometimes the decisions are made for us, as in my situation, and sometimes we can choose for ourselves. It isn’t easy to feel vulnerable, to feel discomfort, to be surrounded with the unfamiliar, but this is only temporary. We build strength and day by day we grow and reach for more. Ultimately, we were given life on Earth to have a human experience; a full and beautiful human experience; to enjoy the ebb and flow of life; to learn and to grow. Maybe it’s a job you took with the intention of it being temporary or a stepping stone, and fast forward 15 years later, you are still there; or there have been organizational changes and you are forced into a new role that’s unfamiliar; or maybe you truly want more but just can’t justify giving up your safe and comfortable environment.

The bottom line is, it’s your comfort zone that could be holding you back, but there are some steps that you can take to break free:

Face your truth – we must be honest with ourselves about what we like/dislike about ourselves; what makes us happy and what doesn’t; and what has held us back in the past…yes this can be painful at times, but only once we face our truth can we truly grow.

Allow yourself to feel vulnerable – let go of any walls you have built to protect yourself and allow yourself to really feel your raw emotion.

Embrace the unknown and unfamiliar – there’s a whole world out there ready for us to explore and build on the foundation of knowledge we already have.

Walk through the fear – make fear your friend, for your true potential lies beyond it. Fear exists in everyone, and we won’t achieve our true potential without facing it and walking through it to the other side.

Make small changes – Much like a seed in soil, growth happens gradually… Whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly, baby steps over time add up to unimaginable transformation.

We all have it in us to creatively direct our next move, to skillfully write the next chapter in our life.

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