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Starting your own business includes multiple elements to consider: will it be product based? Service based? How will I structure my business? What will I name it? For me, how I arrived at starting my own business is a thread that I wanted to weave into each aspect of the business.

The great thing about owning your own business is, YOU are the BOSS! You get to make the decisions in how your business will move forward.  This is such a sense of freedom!

So often, we are in a job where we have no creative control over our path or maybe even how we perform a task.  When you experience that and experience it repeatedly, often it brings a sense of discomfort; it just doesn’t feel right; your emotions start to emerge: displeasure, frustration, even anger.  The reason it doesn’t feel right is because it’s going against what you, your authentic self, at your core, in other words your soul, wants for yourself.  Your soul is your built-in guidance system.  It also knows your potential and your purpose.

Over the past 7 years or so, I have been on my own spiritual journey; wanting more for myself.  Along this journey, I have made some small changes which have made way for the bigger changes.  Each person that has entered my life (or exited), and each experience, both good and bad, has brought me to where I am today. I once only dreamed of owning my own business.  Now it’s a reality.

Where you are at this very moment in your life, you once only dreamed about the possibility of it.  Take that in. 

Because of my journey playing a monumental role in how I got here, I wanted to incorporate that into all aspects of the business, or as many as I possibly can.  A significant element to creating this business, was giving it a name.  It was important to me that it’s name resonate with the type of services I would provide, forming a strong brand relevant to everything connected to it. That said,  I also wanted to ensure it was meaningful to me personally, and represented the bigger picture of the journey; not only my journey but everyone’s journey.

Along my own journey, I developed an awareness and a connection with my soul, my source energy, and the vibration that flows from this energy at various points of my day, and on a broader scale, my life. Our vibration flows in direct relation to how we feel about ourselves.  So when we are feeling good, and in line with our soul, our vibration is at its highest.  When we are feeling angry, sad, or frustrated, for example, our vibration is lower.  Having this awareness also brought clarity; everything made more sense.  I was so dispirited in some of my past jobs.  On the outside I was successful, but on the inside, my soul desired so much more for myself.

Connecting the soul to what one does in their job is what I want to help others experience as well.  It was important that my business name, my brand,  emanate that message. The “VIBE” part of the name, refers to the vibration of source energy that each and everyone of us emits.  The “IN” part of INVIBE, is about being in line with our soul, whether you are in transition to alignment, or already there.  Much like how I arrived at starting this business, the name INVIBE was created.  My intention is to have everything that INVIBE is, creates, or does, connected to that same message.

INVIBE.   It’s fundamentally about deep self-awareness and connecting your soul, your passion and your work.



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  • Martin Campeau

    After so many jobs and positions held throughout my carreer in which I ended up so many times in that hole of myself wondering what the heck I was doing there. Connecting with myself has made such a difference in my work happiness and performance. It’s not a job anymore, it’s just who I am and what I do. Since I am, what I do is just an extension of it. Your post resonates in what I’ve learned the hard way! Thx

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