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INVIBE’s stratejoy™ is built on the belief that aligning with your soul in all that you do will allow you to rise to your higher self and live a purpose driven life  and in doing so, happiness, success, and growth will follow.


At INVIBE™, our mission is to empower you to be the best version of yourself – the version your soul intends for you –  in work, in life, or balancing both.  That means fully “showing up” and making a positive impact.

FOR PROFESSIONALS: Whether you are in the market for a career change or have no plans whatsoever to move from where you’re at, having that sense of empowerment can make all the difference.  Owning your strengths, your unique qualities, what you bring to the table – in other words, your personal brand –  sets you apart from your peers and strengthens your integrity and reputation.

FOR TEAMS/ORGANIZATIONS: Engaged employees align with your vision; they become your competitive advantage. Employees who are engaged perform better and therefore drive more growth.  They are closer to your organizations best ideas because they are always thinking of the company as a whole and how they fit; how they contribute to growth.

INVIBE™ works with all ages : one-on-one, group workshops and seminars (both corporate and youth), and public speaking engagements.

There is a global shift that’s happening towards desiring something more meaningful, more purposeful in our lives than just working for the paycheck, or settling for an unhealthy relationship or job, or being stuck in our so-called “comfort zones” – much of that was shaped around everyone else’s standards for happiness and success rather than our own.

That old saying, “Do what you love, love what you do” is something INVIBE™ wants to help you achieve now in your life.

If you’re feeling you need a change to experience more fulfillment in your life, but not sure where to start, let’s talk!

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