Providing guidance and support for individuals in transition, in search of growth and transformation, or those who simply have the desire to break free from the status quo...Individuals who are open to inner reflection, acknowledging ego and imperfection, and who ultimately are motivated to take the necessary action towards change and their higher self, both personally and professionally. We are here with you on this journey.

Our process framework is an integration of Reiki as an energetic healing tool to support cultivating a connection with self; applying growth mindset techniques involving vulnerability and authenticity, and tapping into our unique and infinite potential. Everyone is unique and therefore every experience of this process will be as well. Through this process, our clients are provided the necessary tools that will allow them to be more connected to who they truly are, and be able to promote their own individuality, while applying and sharing their innate gifts.

We also offer stand-alone transformation coaching, if you're not interested in exploring the energetic healing tool of Reiki, using the same process, only without the use of Reiki as a way to to uncover and bring to the surface, the hidden emotion or past trauma buried within.  

If you'd like to explore how we can work together, you are invited to a 1- Hour complimentary intro call and assessment via zoom.

Regular coaching session rate:

$80 / 60 minutes  




Reiki Client coaching support rate:

$50 / 60 minutes (for Reiki clients) 


Complimentary 45-minute intro session




**NOTICE: In-Person Sessions are not being offered at this time.  Please check back for updates on our services as COVID status and protocols evolve.




Our focus is working with open-minded, strong, innovative organizations that encourage employee empowerment and foster authenticity, diversity, inclusivity, communication, the innovation of ideas, and healthy trusting teams - understanding that building these synergies among employees who are embodying their truest version of self in the workspace will directly drive the cultivation of infinite growth.


Holistic and Intuitive Approach


Conscious, Authentic, & Daring Leadership

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