How are you showing up for YOU right now?

We all have emotional wounds, whether from our childhood or past relationships with family, friends, or a partner. Whether we are fully and consciously aware of the wounds or have it tucked deeply in our subconscious, our body stores the energy around those experiences, and over time that builds up; it ways us down to the point of exhaustion, even when we aren’t exerting energy physically.


Imagine a cup and imagine the emotional wounds as holes of various sizes in the cup. If we are not doing the work required to process and heal those wounds, every time we try to fill our cup, it leaks through those holes, making it almost impossible to feel “full”.


Taking time to pause, relax, and allow the universally guided Reiki energy to release old stuck, stagnant energy within our bodies, particularly around emotional wounds, helps bring it to the surface for processing and healing. Doing this work for our own healing helps others heal too. It is in doing our individual work that will ultimately transform the world. ✧⁣




Reiki is a subtle and effective form of energetic healing and self-care using guided Universal life force energy that helps with one's overall well-being by stimulating your body’s natural healing abilities.

While often considered to be spiritual in nature, Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice, but rather complimentary to one's spiritual practices and any concurrent medical treatments. Reiki is a system of assisting energy movement through the laying on of hands. From a practitioner perspective, Reiki energy asks for conscious intent and consistent practice. Much like exercise the more you practice, the stronger it gets and the more you will flourish.  This translates to receiving reiki energy much in the same way.

Whether anxiety, depression, buried emotion or even feeling blocked intuitively, Reiki can help to bring energy into balance and strengthen the mind-body connection. Reiki can assist one's transformational journey by helping to release stored stagnant energy of old wounds (we all have them) and/or past trauma. Much of the time we don't even realize we have stored this energy in our physical body, as it happens subconsciously. The old saying "Time heals all wounds" is really not accurate in that time only helps bury our wounds as they sink into our subconscious.  If we avoid the actual healing process or replace it with distraction.  We can only heal our wounds and our passages with grief if we face them and process the feelings around them - this is where the true transformation lies. While we can't un-do the wounds, we can heal them, understand the patterns in our life that have been driven by them, and change our story around them. 

While every Reiki experience is unique, many recipients notice a sense of calm, inner peace, relaxation, improved sleep as well as many other benefits after a session. It is a very subtle process that over time becomes more noticeable with regards to its truly transformative nature.

We offer both individual and group Reiki sessions.

Practicing self-care and healing as a group can also help amplify the energy for our collective and individual healing, which feels so needed right now.

         RATES & PACKAGES:       


1:1 Reiki energy healing sessions. We open the session with a brief consult to outline any specific areas of focus and healing intentions, followed by one hour of Reiki healing.  You can expect to spend approximately 90 minutes in total for this session. 

**NOTICE: In-Person Sessions are not being offered at this time.  Please check back for updates on our services as COVID status evolves.

In-Person Reiki: $125/1-hour session

In-Person Reiki 3-Session Package: 3 1-hour sessions for $300 ($75 savings)

Distance Reiki:

$50/30-min session - book here 


$90/1-hour session - book here

Distance Reiki 3-Session Package: 3 1-hour sessions for $200 ($70 savings) - email to book

Follow-up Integration Coaching Session: $50/1-hour session - book here

To book an individual session, please contact Trish Campbell via email or book instantly via INVIBE's Calendly.

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Check out our workshops page for upcoming distance / virtual group reiki healing sessions.





We offer workplace stress-management workshops to support the well-being of your most valued asset: your employees. These sessions are offered both in-person and via zoon conferencing.

For custom modules & rates for the workplace: small, medium and larger corporate entities,

Please Contact Trish Campbell directly via email

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