Trish creates a relaxing, healing space for her Reiki practice. My first experience with Reiki was an individual session with her and it was a calming, peaceful experience. Not knowing what to expect during my non-contact Reiki session, I was surprised to feel energy in the form of warm heat as she focused on releasing, what she told me afterwards was a blockage in my throat chakra. All together following that first session, I felt completely serene and slept really well that night. Since then, I have participated in distance group Reiki sessions with her through INVIBE. To my delight even during group distance Reiki sessions I‘ve experienced the same positive benefits as I did in one-on-one in person Reiki. If you’re new to Reiki like me or have more experience I absolutely recommend contacting Trish for in person and/or distance Reiki. - - -  C L Farr, San Diego, CA


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